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That’s Spicy!

by admin

Recently I was asked to be the third judge at a chili cook-off because no one else wanted to do it. The original third judge called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge’s table asking directions to the beer wagon when the call came. I was […]

Gotta End This Writer’s Block

by admin

I honestly cannot remember the last time I went into a supermarket with one thing on my mind, and one thing only, cantaloupe. There wasn’t one in sight. I was dumb-founded, flummoxed and slightly amused/upset. (I did allow this to bother me the entire night, though). Okay, there goes the writer’s block. I am back, […]

High-Velocity Food Fun!

by admin

A long time ago, when I was living in Los Angeles, a very funny thing happened, something I’d wager never happened to you. My mom had a sore throat and a bad cold, and was eating Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. We’ve all had it a million times. It’s soothing to think back to our childhood, […]


by admin

For most of my life, being the food-loving (okay, food-obsessed) guy I am, when I’d come walking into a restaurant, if the owner saw me, he’d know that a lot of food would be consumed, ergo, that he was going to have a good night, dollar-wise. If it was a buffet place, oh dear, I […]


by admin

“Aligot?” “What the heck is aligot?” you ask… It’s, quite simply, something you already love, and similar to something we all aspire to; the cheesiest, creamiest, smoothest and sexiest mashed potatoes of all time. There’s a certain pomp and ceremony, and celebratory gusto, as our Maître D conjures up this most-luscious side-dish served at Ambassade […]


by admin

I have a good friend in Honolulu. Let’s call him Steve. Steve’s a great guy; met him in the mid-90’s when I was writing restaurant reviews for The Honolulu Advertiser (the biggest paper in the state of Hawaii at that time; now long gone as many papers are in the Internet age). Anyway, I walked […]


by admin

Alisa Morov ( is one of my dearest friends. She’s a fantastic Mother, cookbook author, and a genuine foodie. Oh, and I’m so jealous of her because she speaks French, and I cannot. She squeezes the most out of each day, and can show you a delicious time the next time you’re in Paris. Winding […]

Molecular Gastronomy at Disfrutar

by admin

This was not just any Dinner. This was a creative endeavor, an artistic display, a gustatory sleight-of-hand, and more, courtesy of the folks over at Disfrutar, here in Barcelona. The meaning of the Spanish word `Disfrutar’ translates to bask, delight, enjoy, take pleasure in, that kind of thing. It’s a hot, new-ish restaurant that is […]


by admin

“Eat Barcelona” is my latest catch-phrase. No foodie would argue with me on this. Nor would any night-owl type who happens to love food & drink. Dinnertime here often doesn’t even get going until 9, maybe 10pm. There have been plenty of nights (after a particularly active day of sight-seeing) when we don’t sit down […]

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