Alisa Morov ( is one of my dearest friends. She’s a fantastic Mother, cookbook author, and a genuine foodie. Oh, and I’m so jealous of her because she speaks French, and I cannot. She squeezes the most out of each day, and can show you a delicious time the next time you’re in Paris.

Winding our way through the streets and Boulevards, Alisa showed us the most-incredible bakeries (oh!), cheese shops, boutiques, Champagnes, wines, Armagnac, and so much more.

Alisa has the most-lovely and happy laugh, so although you’ll find her knowledge of history and the cultural aspects of France quite extensive, you’ll actually take pleasure just by being in her company.

We loved our food tour, and know the business quite well, as you know. I have taken food tours all over the world now, so believe me. Alisa Morov’s tour is intimate and, quite serendipitously, takes place in and around Paris!

A special treat for me and Lin Kensington was to experience Paris through Alisa’s eyes (and our taste-buds!), and to spend the day with her two beautiful daughters who did the food tour with us. Later on, the five of us went to dinner at one of her favorite haunts.

Contact Alisa Morov regarding any & all-things-food when in Paris. C’est bon!