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Hawaii Food Tours – ☼ The day I got a taste of real aloha…

by admin

Occasionally, friends and acquaintances invite me to their homes to show me the proper way to prepare something I may have written or spoken about. They want me to taste the authentic flavors they have enjoyed for generations. They want me to smell their exotic spice blends. This summer, I was invited by Leilani, a […]

Hawaii Food Tours™ – First Day Back in Barcelona!

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☼ Ah, Barcelona again!  The first place I always go is my favorite restaurant (well, at least my most sentimentally-loved place), often before checking into my hotel or AirBNB. One of the great cities.  I have a better time each time I visit.  Posts coming with details of Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Las Ramblas, Disfrutar […]

Hawaii Food Tours – Hacking Cottage Cheese

by admin

This brief post will outline, for the most tech-savvy of you, how I hack cottage cheese from time to time. Pay close attention… When I’m here at home, running Hawaii Food Tours, and not out gallivanting around the globe, I need to fulfill my breakfast addiction. The first part of that addiction consists of steel-cut […]

You have got to be shitting me!

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☼ Spoiler Alert ☼                                                                                   You may wish to not read this if any of the following categories of my Real-Life offends, sickens, motivates you to UN-Friend me, or compels you to report me to the authorities. In general and in unspecific order those categories might include… * Scatological mentions, (humorous or otherwise). * Adult […]


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Little chewy bundles of treasure.  A lifetime of memories, wrapped, crimped, shaped, fried, steamed, and boiled, whatever your method it’s gonna be good. I’m reminded of my grandmother’s kreplach when I was ten years old.  Nothing better, anywhere.  Or the “dumplings” I had recently; baked crispy-crunchy pâte brisée with apple puree and Stilton cheese. No […]

A 4-Day Stopover in New York City

by admin

Beginning in Honolulu, a 4-day stopover in New York City seemed the perfect place to prepare for our 5-week European adventure about to come. Traveling lighter than ever before, barely more than a carry-on and laptop (yes, for 5 weeks!) we were on our way. New York satisfies on so many levels, and we’d take […]

Happy New Year 2015

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It’s taken a while to get this year off to a reasonable start… Happy New Year 2015 This is my New Year’s wish to you… I once heard someone say that friendship is a long conversation, which seems nearly right to me. Words are often free flowing and disembodied, like angels winging through pure discourse. […]

Stereo Wars!

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Stereo Wars! You’ve all been through this scenario. Guy next door is doing construction on his house (endlessly… years-on-end stuff, literally), playing his music way too loud. Usually it’s fingernail-on-chalkboard stuff like Barry Manilow, or just all those songs you’ve heard way too many times for any single Human lifetime. I asked kindly for them […]

☼ Comfort Food & a Malasada recipe ☼

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Local-style "Plate Lunch"

☼ Comfort Food & a Malasada recipe ☼ ☼ The days and nights are getting colder, rainier, snowier. We all seek the love and warmth and closeness that special people share with us. Another important factor, of course, is the love that comfort food provides. I’m including my recipe for the famous Portuguese doughnut called […]

My (Mostly) True Story of Love, Sex, Food & Intrigue

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My (Mostly) True Story of Love, Sex, Food & Intrigue ALI BABA’S LAST SUPPER Looking like a delicately stuffed and chocolate-dipped strawberry, she paused in the Moroccan arched doorway.  Draped in a red silk blouse and body-hugging blue jeans, she wore an antique locket filled with saffron. Her name was Solana Jensen, a self-proclaimed pleasure-pot […]

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