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A Delicious introduction to Hawaii Food Tours that will entertain and delight you!

Hawaii Food Tours® specializes in feeding, entertaining and educating our guests. Meet our tour guides, who provide a one of a kind experience for people from all over the world. It’s a social and unique way to taste the cultural fusion that comprises the foods of Hawaii. You should definitely join us one day soon.

Voted #1 on the biggest Travel sites in the world, Trip Advisor, the tours are designed for traveling food lovers like you. Would you love to see the real Hawaii, away from the touristy areas? You’ve come to the right place. Are you someone who typically doesn’t like guided tours? Google Hawaii Food Tours now and see what the world is saying!

With small groups (no more than 13 guests per tour), you’ll receive a personalized genuine experience.

Hawaii Food Tours® was designed, specifically, for those who love food and fun.

Chef Matthew Gray, a former entertainer, private chef for Rock `n Roll bands (and Hollywood celebrities) created this concept for you to experience. He spent more than two years researching before starting the company in 2004. Matthew Gray is considered a pioneer in the Culinary Tourism industry. When he travels, just like you, he wants to try “local” foods and specialties specific to where he is. And that’s what we deliver each and every day, for you, our hungry travelers. Would you like to taste our wonderful food tours?

Be sure to come aboard, especially if you want to see what a food tour is all about.

Matthew Gray

Founder, Owner & "Chief Food Guy"
E-mail Matthew Gray

My name is Matthew Gray.

I love food. I live to eat.

Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated with aroma, color, and flavor. My mom taught me that foods made with love always taste best; she inspired me to become a gourmet chef.

My formal training was in Los Angeles where I worked first as an apprentice, and eventually up the ladder to executive chef at several restaurants. My curious palate allowed me to experiment with many types of styles and cuisines from all over the world.

When I left the restaurant scene it was to be a personal chef to Hollywood celebrities, movie stars, and Rock & Roll bands. I won’t name-drop here; just ask me sometime and I’ll share some wild stories with you.

In 1993 I moved to Honolulu. I became the Food Writer and Restaurant Reviewer for Hawaii’s largest daily newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser.

Hawaii Food Tours is a logical extension of my life’s devotion to good food and my desire to share culinary delights with others. I believe the best way to experience Hawaii is to taste it!

I look forward to meeting and feeding you…

  • One thing you probably don’t know about me?
    I traveled with the Eagles on their “Hotel California” concert tour.

I can be contacted at Matthew@HawaiiFoodTours.com


Foodie Ambassadress
E-mail Addie!


   Hi, I’m Addie, reporting in. I’m one of the sweet (tooth) Tour Guides at Hawaii Food Tours®!

  You know you’re a real food junkie when one of the only things that calms your mind at night, is the thought of  enjoying a nice hearty delicious breakfast in the morning!

Prior to moving to Hawaii, I’d grown up in New York City, going through odd jobs and hustling and bustling about in a huge city with thousands of faces walking past me every day.

My favorite job in New York City was always the time I spent bartending – because that’s when you get to make new friends with people from everywhere in the world, over some good beers, wines, and some tasty appetizers.

One day though, I decided, “Hey, it’s time to kick-start my wanderlust dreams. It’s time to leave the concrete jungle to go right into the real jungle.” So I gathered one suitcase and stuffed inside only a few dresses and shirts and left for Hawaii for the first time. It only took about 28 hours with the cheapest tickets, and three layovers.

Without expecting it, I fell in love with the island that I’d visited.

The people here are the sweetest I’d met in my life! Meeting some of the locals here will most likely be one of the best parts of your vacation too. From strangers on the road, to the bus drivers, to the vendors . . . Combine that with some freshest seafood from the islands, and a nice good mai tai whilst sitting along clean and clear pristine beaches . . .

Hawaii truly honors the word of Aloha – to be full of love, and generosity.

And not only that, I got the fortune to work together with Hawaii Food Tours®, finally getting to share my LOVE of the islands, and of good food with other foodies who know just what I mean when I say, “One scoop of ice cream is never enough. Pass the quart.”

So guys, if you come on over to Hawaii, or you want to explore more of the islands together – take one of our Hawaii Food Tours® – and let’s meet on the road, eat some great food together and share some wicked tales!


I can be contacted at Addie@HawaiiFoodTours.com

Bill Puchert

Tour Guide {"Two Dollar Bill"}
E-mail Bill Puchert




Aloha to all my fellow foodie ohana!

My name is Bill Puchert {Two Dollar Bill}, a proud Hawaii Food Tours guide…

A little about myself, I was born and raised in the islands.  I attended Kamehameha High School, and received my business degree from Eastern Washington University in Cheney WA.  I’m proud to say that I’m half Hawaiian and half “chop suey” (French, German, English, Maori, and Chinese).  And who knows what other blood nationalities I’ve got flowing through my veins!

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry my whole life, both on the Mainland and in the islands.  I took a break from restaurants a few years back, did other things, and at that time, told my family and friends I was semi-retired.  My wife said it was just another term for being “unemployed. ‘  So I got the hint and started back in the food industry again, working for Hawaii Food Tours, and also for a familiar local restaurant chain.

Although I work part time, I really enjoy what I do.  I have a passion when doing these tours because it’s right up my alley.  I love food and drink.  I enjoy sharing my culture and local cuisine with our guests, and having the opportunity to meet wonderful people from other parts of the world is really quite awesome.

When you’re in the islands, please hook up with us.  You’ll find that my fellow guides and myself, will go to great lengths to assure you’ll have a great time!  So until we meet, much aloha and hope to see you soon!

Bill’s Motto: “If it’s alive, moving, or breathing, and it’s edible, I’ll taste it.”

I can be contacted at Billp918@aol.com


Aloha Food Gal
E-mail Krystal



is a bundle of energy and multi-skilled in many areas. With an upbeat social style, you will love being in her presence.

Krystal is a Florida native who grew up coming to Hawaii since she was 10 years old.  She’s a water girl who adores great food.

Besides being one of our esteemed tour guides, Krystal is a surf photographer in Waikiki, and a true Beach bum at heart.

Active in the food scene here in Hawaii, Krystal is always adventuring to farmers markets to find the best local products which she enjoys cooking and sharing with her friends and loved ones.

Feel free to ask Krystal where to get the best food & drink at the best prices, whether it be a happy hour or hole in the wall spot..


I can be contacted at Krystal@HawaiiFoodTours.com


Bringing Joy to hungry travelers

If I only had a third hand!

If I only had a third hand!

Aloha! My name is Joy. And like my name, I’m short and petite, but I have a pretty impressive appetite that has amazed many people (true story)! Ask me one day and I’ll tell you.

I was born and raised in Honolulu and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. And like most locals, I love, love, love food! From Greek food to Mexican food to Vietnamese food to Hawaiian food, I love it all! Which is why Hawaii is perfect for me because we have a pretty sweet selection when it comes to food.

Besides immensely enjoying my part-time tour guide job here at Hawaii Food ToursⓇ, I have been working in the healthcare field for the past 5 years. While in-between jobs last year, I was lucky to get hired by HFT. After a couple of months of working for this fab company, I got hired full-time as the activity coordinator for a small nursing home. But since I absolutely love being a HFT tour guide, I could not get myself to leave this fun and wonderful job (How could I when I get to meet others from around the world and show them all the beauty and “ono” eats Hawaii has to offer??? I don’t think anyone could leave a job like this!). So as of now, I am blessed with two jobs that incorporate two of my passions: food and people. In summary, life is great! Joy1

P.S. If you’re having trouble deciding which tour to take (the Hole-in-the-Wall TourⓇ or the North Shore Food Tour), take both! They’re completely different from each other, and yet both of them represent the beautiful and incredible Hawaii that I know and love.

Feel free to reach me at Joy@HawaiiFoodTours.com


One Wanderlust Wahine


Born and raised on Oahu, I know the island through and through, and there’s a good chance I’ve lived or visited a city near yours.

As a science/math nerd and avid wanderlust and who rates “trying new and unusual foods” as amongst my top hobbies, I’ve spent a lot of my life traveling around the world, always up for a bizarre food challenge. Don’t let my easy going, laid back demeanor fool you… I would definitely be up for another spontaneous sky dive or another chance to commit my time to catching/tagging sharks for research if the opportunity came back around again!

Growing up, her father would often plan the course of most days during family vacations in Asia or America visiting different spots based on “best dishes” of the area…so working on a food tour was right up her alley!


Though a “townie” at heart, I have also spent a lot of time on the North Shore with many of the world’s most renowned surfers. After attending universities in Seattle, Hawaii, and China, I worked my way through restaurants, managing cafeterias, non-profits, and as a teacher, amongst many other jobs.


Nowadays, I dedicate all of my time to care for my baby girl on my own. She was born blind with special needs, and we are very active in the blind/visually impaired community. My travels may have slowed down a little bit but can still often be found exploring the wonders of the world as well as amazing hikes, musical events/operas, and beautiful scenery of the islands even with my little girl in tow.

So if you need any information about anything from hikes to happy hours, waterfalls to wine tastings, or any upcoming family friendly events, feel free to ask me, Anastacia!

I can be reached at Anastacia@HawaiiFoodTours.com anytime at all!


I eat, therefore I am...


It is said that there are two kinds of people in this world: people who love sweet foods and people who love savory foods. I am that rare individual who prefers both…equally.

I am a restaurateur from Chicago who has been visiting Hawaii every year since I was old enough to eat solid food. My grandmother had 12 children (six boys and girls) and half of them settled into the frigid Midwest and the other half stayed in Hawaii (thankfully for me). I relocated to Hawaii permanently, leading food and beverage departments for top Hawaiian hotels such as the Four Seasons and The Modern Honolulu, having lived on Lana’i, Maui and finally, Oahu.

I get my energy from people like yourself and after 5 years in Hawaii, I still feel like I’m on vacation!

If you look in my fridge you will probably always find: 3 types of honey butter (I put that sh*t on everything) and “emergency chocolate”.

Something you wouldn’t know about me: I was a stand-up comedian at night while working for Wolfgang Puck in Chicago…and I’ve eaten crickets.

I can be reached at Carl@HawaiiFoodTours.com

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